Minister for Immigration and Asylum of the Hellenic Republic
Notis Mitarachi

Thivon 198Ag. Ioannis Rentis
182 33, Athen


Refugees in PIKPA shelter, Lesvos

Dear Minister,

I am writing to express profound concern about the decision to close the open and self-organised refugee shelter PIKPA, on the island of Lesvos, and to terminate its operations by 15 October.

Thanks to the work of its staff and volunteers, since 2012 PIKPA has hosted and assisted thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers among the most vulnerable, providing them with a safe shelter. Since 2015, PIKPA has offered people an alternative to living in Moria camp, where conditions were overcrowded and inhumane.

I urge you to ensure the decision to close PIKPA camp is revoked, to protect its residents and create the conditions for NGOs and humanitarian actors to continue providing essential services to asylum-seekers and refugees.

Yours sincerely,