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Ciudad de Guatemala


46 facilities and cleaning staff

Dear Minister Monroy:

I am gravely concerned about 46 facilities and cleaning staff fired on 5 June at the Industrial Park Temporary Hospital attending to COVID-19 cases in Guatemala City.

The only reason for dismissal given by the Ministry of Health is that administrative requirements meant they needed to present a high school or university degree to keep their job. Many of these workers only have a basic education and do not have these papers. They have not been paid since they began work from 24 March (just as several of the medical staff of the hospital). They have been given no unemployment compensation.

I call on you to protect all staff at the Industrial Park Hospital, in particular the 46 facilities staff fired on 5 June: by urgently paying them and carrying out an independent investigation on the circumstances of their terminations which allows for effective remedies.

Yours sincerely,